Renting to Students for the First Time

As many people have quickly come to realise, being a private landlord can be very lucrative, particularly in the current climate where many people are deciding to rent a home rather than buying. Landlords are able to benefit from a solid long term investment by purchasing property and then renting it out, and there are […] Read more

Get Quality Service when Looking for Student Accommodation

Every year, many students who are heading off to university are eager to find suitable accommodation, but this isn’t always an easy task. For the average student, it is necessary to find accommodation that is not only affordable but also within reasonable reach of their college or university, as otherwise travel costs could become a […] Read more

What to Look For In Professional Accommodation

As a busy executive, you likely have very little time to search out professional accommodation in Newcastle. But there is a way to ensure that you get the most value from the experience of looking for executive lettings. Exercise Good Judgement Being sensible is the best first step you can take. Stay alert for situations […] Read more

How to Prepare for Moving out for the First Time

So, you’ve hit that age, you’ve had a job for a year now and it’s time to head out into the big wide world on your own. Moving out of home for the first time can be seriously daunted and terribly scary. Many people get partially sheltered by the parents, and they lack some of […] Read more

Preparing for the Christmas Break

Here at Portland Residential we have a lot of student tenants, because our properties are affordable and are based in prime locations. Should you be a student and want to make the most of the looming festive season, it would be wise to make some preparations in advance as a way of lightening the load […] Read more