Preparing for the Christmas Break

preparing for christmas
Here at Portland Residential we have a lot of student tenants, because our properties are affordable and are based in prime locations. Should you be a student and want to make the most of the looming festive season, it would be wise to make some preparations in advance as a way of lightening the load when the turkey is on the table. You are sure to be planning lots of nights out over the Christmas break, but when you concentrate on maintaining the home, we think you will be inspired to invite fellow students round for festive fun, too.

Securing the Home
The festive season is a peak time for burglaries, what with so many people stacking expensive gifts beneath the tinsel and bauble bedecked tree. More than 30 percent of break-ins happen through the windows, so beat the burglar this year by inspecting the doors and windows for weak spots, and closing blinds and drapes at night. Refrain from feeding extension cables through the windows, and don’t publish your whereabouts on social media sites.

Preventing Pipes from Freezing
Water expands when it freezes, and this can result in burst pipes and expensive plumbing bills. By installing a heat trace cable, you can prevent pipes from freezing. Other ways of retaining heat and preventing problems include placing a space heater near pipes, turning off the water, adjusting the thermostat temperature and using a large piece of foam board to insulate certain areas.

Student tenants can make some simple DIY checks on their home this winter to lower their bills, avoid time-consuming maintenance jobs and reduce the chances of a break-in. In addition to focusing on the above, make sure the home has adequate ventilation, keep the central heating at 10C and check that external light fittings are fastened securely.